Grow Kit Instructions

  1. Place the grow kit in a mild spot (20c) inside your home that does not receive any direct sunlight e.g. kitchen bench, laundry.
  2. Wait for the mycelium to fully colonize the bag, 14 days from the handwritten date on the kit.
  3. Sanitise a sharp blade.
  4. Make a small cut at the top of the bag and fold it over, removing the pocket of air.             
    Mushroom Grow Kit
    Mushroom Grow Kit
  5. Cut along the 'X' that is marked for you.
    Mushroom Grow Kit
  6. Mist the cut surface 3 times per day with tap water.
  7. Stop misting once you see small mushrooms starting to emerge from the cut.
    Oyster Mushroom Pins
  8. Do not make extra cuts or open the bag any further. The mushrooms will find their own way through the 'X'.
  9. The mushrooms are ready to harvest once the majority of the caps have formed the classic 'oyster shell' appearance. Typically, this takes 5-7 days from when pins first appear.
    Pink Oyster MushroomsGrey Oyster Mushrooms
  10. To harvest, grab the whole cluster of mushrooms at the base and gently pull it off. It should come away with very little resistance.
  11. Once harvesting is complete, remove any leftover debris from the opening ensuring the sawdust is now exposed and repeat steps 5-9. Subsequent harvests may take anywhere from 3-21 days to appear.

The bag will produce the vast majority of it's mushrooms in the first two harvests, any subsequent harvests will be much smaller.

If you have any concerns about your grow kit, please send photos or questions through to: and we will be happy to help.

To maximise your total yield, find a shaded spot in your garden after the second harvest is complete and break up the contents of the grow kit onto the ground. If there is no rain forecast, water the patch for the first few evenings and stop once you see signs of growth.

Outdoor Oyster Mushroom Patch