Mushroom Log Spawn Instructions

Mushroom Log Spawn Instructions

Growing mushrooms on logs is a low maintenance method of cultivation that can be very rewarding. Once the log has been fully colonised by the spawn it will produce mushrooms when mother nature allows, generally in the spring and autumn. Depending on the size of the log you use, it can take anywhere between 6 & 12 months for the spawn to fully colonise the log. The log will continue to produce mushrooms until all of it's nutrients have been depleted. Every 2.5cm in diameter will typically correspond to 1 year of production.

Log Cultivation

It is best to use freshly cut hardwood logs for mushroom cultivation but success can be had with pine & gum as well. Once the log has been cut it is best to introduce the spawn within the first couple months (the sooner, the better). To help avoid unwanted contamination, keep your log off the soil until you have introduced the spawn (we keep ours in the carport). Keeping the bark on the log will help to retain moisture.

Once you have introduced the spawn, keep the logs upright in a shady location in the garden. It is important to keep it in a spot with minimal direct light as this will harm the mushrooms when they begin to produce. During the summer months, water your logs weekly to stop them from drying out.

  • Keep your spawn in the refrigerator until you are ready to use them.
  • Give your log a heavy watering 24 hours before introducing the spawn.
  • Using a 9-9.5mm drill bit, drill holes in your log 30mm deep. It is best to space the holes out in a diamond pattern 150mm apart.
  • Insert 1 spawn plug per hole.
  • Melt beeswax and pour over each hole to seal the spawn in place.
  • Store your log as described above.
  • Harvest your mushrooms by gently twisting off the log as they mature. It is always safest to identify any mushroom before consuming.

If you have any concerns about your log spawn, please send photos or questions through to: and we will be happy to help.