Raglan Oyster Mushroom - Grow Kit
Raglan Oyster Mushroom
Raglan Oyster Mushroom Harvest
Raglan Oyster Mushroom Sprouting
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Raglan Oyster Mushroom - Grow Kit

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This mushroom is big and meaty, with a delicious flavour that can be utilised in any dish. It has quickly become our favourite mushroom to eat and what we grow for ourselves!

Our grow kits are more than just a purchase - they're a guarantee! Yes, we promise your mushrooms will sprout, or we'll send you a replacement kit! See our detailed instructions page for the easy-to-follow process. 

Need cooking ideas? Our recipes page is bursting with creative inspiration to help you savour these stunning mushrooms' full flavours and incredible textures.

Don't wait! With all orders shipped the next business day, your mushroom adventure can start ASAP.

And the cherry on top? We offer FREE shipping on all grow kits!

  • Mushroom grow kits are ready to grow on arrival. If you are unable to start the process right away, the kit can be refrigerated until you are ready to use it but fresh is always best. 
  • If you require a specific delivery date, please place a Pre-Order and add the date it is required on the shipping instructions. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Miriama Walker

Prompt delivery. Easy to use.

Christine PLAYER
Loved the experience of growing & eating!

I got so much joy watching the mushrooms grow. Every morning I would wake up and come to see how much more added grown overnight. Once it started the growth process was so quick it was a delight to watch. Then came the eating, and boy do they taste amazing. I have already ordered another variety and can't wait to watch this grow and then eat it.

Gina Wright
Great service, delicious mushrooms

I really wanted pink oyster mushrooms so ordered my mushrooms with after pay. The kit came so quickly, we did instructions for Pink but nothing after a week. I took pic sent email and oopsy was told we were sent wrong mushy..and a pink oyster was being sent..we accidentally was sent Shiitake instead, that were growing like a pink oyster. We changed growing method and OMG they went crazy, then our courier turned up with a FREE pink oyster and that one after 1 week is growing massive too... Our Shiitake mushroom are so delicious, meaty and flavoursome, we can't keep up with the growth, so friends and family are being fed too!!!. Thanks so much Mushrooms by the sea...100% happy customer!! Totally recommend.

Wayne Sullivan
Great product and fun for the kids!

Always enjoy the process and swift delivery. The product always lives up to the claims or the team helps make it right.

Growing our own is so rewarding, now I’m getting our little girl into it too!

Martin C
Oyster Mushrooms

The pink mushrooms grew well in the warm weather. I got two harvest from them. The Raglan oysters were quite prolific getting three harvest.
The kits were a little more problematic but nevertheless they did produce at least one good harvest. Delivery was prompt and generally speaking overnight delivery. I have no hesitation in recommending the mushrooms by the sea