Pekepeke-Kiore (Native Lion's Mane)

Please follow this process once your DIY kits have been colonised for four weeks and are ready to begin producing mushrooms.

If you or someone you live with has a mushroom allergy or intolerance, it is best to grow the kit in a room that is not frequented.

What you'll need

Sharp blade

Indoor location

Access to fresh air

First Crop

Day 1 - Getting Started

Pekepeke-Kiore Native Lion's Mane

step 1

With a clean blade, cut along the black line.

Leave the bag taped over, this will encourage the mushrooms to grow through the cut you have made.

step 2

Choose a warm spot indoors to grow your kit that has plenty of air movement and is out of direct sunlight e.g. the kitchen bench, lounge or bathroom. Not in a tub or closet.

Do not leave them near a heater in winter or an air conditioner in the summer as these can dry the mushrooms out.

Days 2-14

Lion's Mane Sprouting

Step 1

Keep an eye on the kit over the next two weeks. You should see your first sprouts within fourteen days. A few days earlier in the warmer months, or longer in the cooler months can be expected.

Please email us a picture if you do not have sprouts appearing after 14 days.

Step 2

Success! The first sprouts are poking through the cut. The cluster will continue to grow slowly for the next week before starting to grow rapidly. Depending on the time of year, it can be anywhere from 14-21 days until harvest.

It is normal for a few mushrooms to try and sprout inside the bag. Do not make any additional cuts, they will die off as the main cluster matures.

Days 15-28

Pekepeke-Kiore Lion's Mane

step 1

If your mushrooms are approaching this size and you would like help timing the harvest, please email us a photo.

It is normal for the mushrooms to start dropping some spores in front of the kit at this point. These can easily be wiped up with a damp cloth after harvest.

step 2

The mushrooms are ready to harvest when the growth stops for a day or two and some of the tips start to darken in colour.

If you notice yellowing around the cluster, the mushroom has already past maturity and need to be harvested.

Harvest Time!

Pekepeke-Kiore Lion's Mane Harvest

step 1

Grab the cluster of mushrooms with both hands and pull it away from the kit in one quick motion.

Do not cut it off, pull the entire cluster right out.

step 2

Once the cluster has been removed, you can store it whole or trim away the sawdust and tear it into sections so that it is ready to be cooked.

We like to store the mushrooms in paper bags or a tub lined with paper towels. The mushrooms will last up to 5 days in the fridge if kept in a plastic container that is lined with paper towels.

Second Crop

Get Ready for Round 2!

Pekepeke-Kiore Grow Kit

step 1

After harvesting is complete, remove any leftover debris from the hole.

The second crop can take anywhere from 10-21 days to sprout. Faster in summer and slower in the winter months.           

step 2

Monitor your kit for the next couple of weeks and watch as it begins to regenerate.

If you notice any green or black growth at this point please email us a photo and we will be able to help.

step 3

Sprouts may appear around the edges of the bag first. Do not be tempted to open the bag any further, they will reach through to the opening on their own.

It may take a while for the new sprouts to make it through the opening but do not worry, they will get there eventually.

step 4

Harvest the second crop when the growth stops for a day or two and some of the tips start to darken. Once complete, you can repeat the steps above and try for a third!

Once the bag has stopped producing, it can be composted or used as a top-mulch for you garden beds. Worms love it!