gourmet mushroom log spawn

Mushroom Log Spawn

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Grow a variety of mushrooms on logs in your own backyard!

Our mushroom log spawn comes in jars of 75, allowing you to inoculate a a number of smaller logs. A 150mm x 1000mm log would typically require 25 dowels.

Beeswax is supplied with each jar so that you can seal the spawn into your log.

All you will need is a drill, a 9-9.5mm drill bit and some freshly cut logs.

Depending on the size of the logs you use, it can take anywhere from 6-12 months before mushrooms begin to fruit. 

Instructions are included.

All orders are shipped the very next business day. On the rare occasion that we do not have any log spawn ready to ship, it will only be a few days away and we will contact you immediately.