Mushroom Log Spawn

Mushroom Log Spawn - 75pc

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Growing mushrooms on logs is a low-maintenance method of cultivation that can be very rewarding.

Once the spawn has fully colonised the log, it will produce mushrooms when mother nature allows, generally in the spring and autumn.

Depending on your log size, it can take anywhere between 12 & 24 months for the spawn to fully colonise the log. The log will produce mushrooms when the conditions are right, typically in the autumn and spring, until all its nutrients are depleted. Every 2.5cm in diameter typically corresponds to a year's worth of mushroom growth.

Using our method, all 75 log spawn plugs will fit into a 1.5m x 250mm log or several smaller ones.

Beeswax is supplied with each pack to help seal the spawn into place.

All you will need is a drill, a 9-9.5mm drill bit and some freshly cut logs. See our detailed instructions page for the easy-to-follow process.

Don't wait! With all orders shipped the next business day, your mushroom adventure can start ASAP.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bruce Jensen
So easy and helpful

Right from the first contact the team were very helpful and made my choice easy, I was amazed at the quick response and follow up, thanks again 😀

Stan Bossom
Log spawn

Very easy to set up, I found it easier and safer to shave the beeswax pellet and plug the hole with the shavings. Then melt all the beeswax in place with a blow torch. Can't wait to see the results.

Daniel Atkinson

Knowledgeable, helpful folk. Very easy to deal with.

Eugene Tan

Thanks Sean for your helpful advice on log preference and mushroom spawn. The dowels were inserted as per instructions. Now the waiting game.